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Drug Rehab Centers Metuchen (732) 226-8910 Alcohol Treatment

Drug Rehab Centers Metuchen (732) 226-8910

If you are suffering with an alcohol or drug addiction, you should know that you aren’t alone. With an estimated 10 million Americans in need of drug rehab, only three percent received care. Drug Rehab Centers Metuchen will give you the support and guidance you need to make the initials steps toward recovery as well as provide you the tools you need to reach sobriety. At Drug Rehab Centers Metuchen, no patient will ever feel judged or alone.

With group therapy and counseling through alternative treatments we show patients that others share their same experiences with addiction. However, we never treat to patients the same when it comes to their addiction recovery. Drug Rehab Centers Metuchen offers personalized addiction treatment plans to ensure every patient’s individual needs are treated with a custom rehabilitation regime. Call Drug Rehab Centers Metuchen today and don’t let yourself become another statistic. Effective treatment is available at (732) 226-8910.

Addiction Defined

An addiction is defined as any type of dependency, but is most commonly associated with drugs and alcohol. Addicts may feel a physical, mental or emotional dependence on substances, or a combination of the three. Once addiction occurs, it can be challenging to break. This is why it is critical to notice the signs of drug and alcohol abuse before it is too late.

Physical Signs of Addiction

The physical signs of a serious drug or alcohol addiction can vary depending on the substance being abused. However, there are some core symptoms that all addictions share in common. The most common symptoms of addiction are as follows:

  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Chronic pain and aches
  • Abnormal bodily odor
  • Sudden weight loss or gain
  • Skin complications
  • Poor coordination

Mental Signs of Addiction

Addiction is a disease that deteriorates sufferers both mentally and physically. Mental symptoms include depression, irritability, and rapid mood swings. Some addicts experience more serious effects such as psychotic episodes, paranoia and memory loss.

Outpatient versus Inpatient Care

There are two distinct types of drug and alcohol rehabilitation available: outpatient and inpatient care. Both have their own unique pros and cons, which is why it is important to carefully consider your needs before comparing programs. Outpatient are, also known as residential rehabilitation, involves a predesignated period of residency in a drug treatment center under strict surveillance and monitoring. This type of treatment greatly reduces the risk for relapse and provides 24/7 access to professionals ready to assist you. In addition, it also offers on-site counseling, group therapy and activities.

Outpatient care is not as strict in the sense that it doesn’t require residency. However, drug testing and maintain regular appointments with a drug specialist are mandatory components. This option gives you the flexibility to maintain your current residency and obligations, but does not limit your access to drugs or alcohol as much as inpatient programs.

Choosing to get help for a drug or alcohol addiction is the first and most important step towards recovery. Don’t hesitate to find the right recovery programs for your needs. The longer you wait, the more difficult it can be to break the cycle of addiction. Call us now (732) 226-8910.

About Metuchen, NJ

Metuchen is located Middlesex County NJ, a small borough with a population of about 13,800 residents. Metuchen is a hub for New Jersey Residents the travel close by for work but also is a destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment in the town center. Metuchen has three parks in town where one can bring their family, play sports, or relax outdoors. The position of Metuchen is located on the northeast therefor it experiences all seasons which allows for a slew of different activities all year long.

Drug Treatment Centers in Metuchen NJ

We can help you find a treatment center that meets your specific needs and get you started immediately.

First Step Counseling
Address:15 Calvin Place , Metuchen NJ. 8840
City County : Middlesex
JFK Center for Behavioral Health
Address:65 James Street , Edison NJ. 8820
City County : Middlesex
Diamond Counseling Center
Address:1 Ethel Road Building 1, Suite 101-B, Edison NJ. 8817
City County : Middlesex
RAMAS Counseling Center
Address:One Woodbridge Center Suite 722, Woodbridge NJ. 7095
City County : Middlesex
Journey to Wellness Inc
Address:220 Market Street , Perth Amboy NJ. 8861
City County : Middlesex

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