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Metuchen Drug Treatment Centers helps people to stop using drugs and give them the skills and support they need for long-term recovery. At our drug treatment centers, we deal with a full range of substance use disorders, from alcohol and prescription medications through to illicit drugs like heroin and cocaine.

From the early stages of detox through to relapse prevention and aftercare services, the staff at Drug Rehab Centers Metuchen handles every aspect of the recovery process. To find out more about your drug treatment options, call us at (732) 226-8910.

The Treatment Process

Detox marks the start of drug treatment for many people, with natural detox or medical detox helping people to break free from their physical dependence. This is an important part of drug treatment because it enables the cessation of drug use in a safe and supporting setting. Detox alone is rarely enough, however, with rehabilitation always advised following discontinuation. Rehab programs include medication therapy and behavioral therapy measures, with these programs addressing the precedents of drug taking behavior. Relapse prevention strategies are implemented during rehab and aftercare, with clients given the psychological skills and practical support they need for a full recovery.

Who Needs Treatment?

It can be difficult deciding if someone needs to access professional drug treatment, with people often in denial about their problem and hiding its effects from friends and family members. While many of the signs of drug abuse are dependent on the substance in question, there are some general signs to look out for. Common signs of drug abuse include mood swings, financial problems, unexplained energy or sedation, mood swings, and losing interest in favorite activities. More concrete signs of drug abuse include the possession of drug taking paraphernalia or scripts from multiple doctors.

Intervention is often needed before someone will admit the existence or extent of their problem, with professional intervention counselors available from many treatment centers. The Systemic Family Model of intervention and the ARISE model of intervention are often used today, with the ARISE model likely to use an invitational approach and the Systematic model using more direct methods.

Medical Detox

Medical detox is the start of the drug treatment process for many people, with medications and medical support administered to support the withdrawal process. While a medical detox period can be useful for many substances, it is especially relevant for drugs that produce a physical-somatic withdrawal syndrome. Physically addictive drugs include alcohol, heroin, morphine, oxycodone, Valium, Xanax, barbiturates and many more.

Medical detox enables the cessation of drug use, with prescription medications often used to help stabilize patients prior to rehabilitation. Opioids, opioid antagonists and benzodiazepines are all prescribed in different situations, with medications helping to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and reduce relapse rates.

Behavioral Therapy

A number of behavioral therapy models are utilized during rehabilitation and aftercare, including cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, contingency management, 12-step facilitation, individual counseling and many more. These recovery programs address the environmental, cognitive and emotional precedents of drug abuse and addiction, with various techniques initiated to encourage healthy decision making practices and avoid compulsive behavioral responses. Addiction aftercare strategies are also based on cognitive and behavioral principles, with alcoholics and drug addicts learning how to manage the recovery process on a long-term basis.

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